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ReActivate Zul
Latest entry:::: ReActivate Foto Blogspot :::
::: Askm sumer member FP & rakan2 yg melihat FP ini.. dimaklumkan bahawasanyer aku telah ::: berpindah ke lamanweb baru iaitu http://reactivatefoto.blogspot.com(http://reactivatefoto.blogspot.com). Sapa tak sedih ::: nak lepaskan ruangan yg penuh dgn nostalgia sejak 10 Disember 2005 lagi.. Alhamdulillah ::: drpd FP ini juga aku byk berkenal-kenalan dgn rakan taulan yg mempunyai minat yg sama.. ::: Sblm FP, aku mula berjinak-jinak dlm bidang blogging ini dgn MySpace, diikuti DeviantArt, ::: FotoPages, ... View this Fotopage entry
::: Torch Relay PJB 3
dell idrus
Latest entry:simba
kucin ni nama dia simba, mr hubby bawak dari rumah lama dia. masa ni simba sakit.. kena penyakit kulit apa ntah.. abis satu badan dia naik tompok2 merah.. rasanya ring worm.. punyala lama baru nak baik.. kesian dia. dah bawak gi vet pun tak baik2 gak sbb vet tu tak kasi ubat sapu.. hampeh tul. kitorg sian sgt tgk dia garu smpi luka2.. mr hubby mandikan dia dgn dettol + sabun kucin pastu kitorg tuang minyak cap kapak kat tompok2 luka tu smpi meleleh air liur dia.. sakit sgt kot.. tp lepas sehari dua t... View this Fotopage entry
taufiq shariff
http://taufiqshariff.blogspot.com/() View this Fotopage entry
razmin razak
Latest entry:Mari Belajar Berjalan Bersama Raniya
Well, she's one year and 2 months already. So, she has somewhat mastered the art of walking, ala-ala budak kecik. At first, there is the occasional 'accidents' where she would bump into the sofa, or trip over her toys. Nothing serious. She also at first, familiarize with the art of standing up with holding items in her hand, for example...controller TV, handphone mama, the occasional habuk yang dijumpai bawah carpet and also her botol susu. But then, she has learn to control the art of walking plus h... View this Fotopage entry
Full Speed Ahead
Latest entry:Zarith & Nadjme
Reservations updated (wedding/engagement)> 2012 16 June 7 & 8 Sept For further info, feel free to contact: ALFIAN MESEBAH aka FIO 012 3717 459 BB PIN 267F5DEE fio_m79@yahoo.com View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry:Hi!
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kichi kenterong
Latest entry:triple seven
lucky shot number 777 on the d80. View this Fotopage entry
seven seven seven
wan kamarul afandi
Latest entry:hasifah & husairi, Majlis Persandingan, 15 Disember 2007
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mohsein shariff
Latest entry:i'm being tatoee down
lately, i'm being tatoee down by a disease called 'malas'.. this terminology has affected me through out some month until recently i realised; "darn! i have let down my own potential.." After so much hype in the first place now i am in a very platonic situation which might cause me my interest in photography.. ohh god please help me overcome this..... View this Fotopage entry
viva malaysia
suhaimi mat salleh
Latest entry:comel!
adik nie comel gila..amik candid time wedding client last week :D © www.suhaimisalleh.com All images on this site are under the ownership & copyright of www.suhaimisalleh.com .No photograph may be reproduced, downloaded, copied, stored, manipulated, or used whole or in part of a derivative work, without the permission from the owner. All rights reserved. View this Fotopage entry
anne arin
Latest entry:Cameron Highland
Great time at Cameron! :-> View this Fotopage entry
MSO and Farah Yusri
Latest entry:Moved.
Assalamualaikum, Please be informed that we have moved to a different domain: http://fymso.com(http://fymso.com) Jemput Datang. View this Fotopage entry
Saiful Bahri
Latest entry:.: The Old West - Gunfighters & Cowboys :.
This time is about the Americas..not UK. I bought books about true stories of 'The Gunfighters' & 'The Cowboys' published by the Times. Found really amazing photographs inside and thought that it would be wise to share here. Wyatt Earp..remember the 1994 movie? View this Fotopage entry
Lady and gun
Boney Antika
Latest entry:Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
To all my family and friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir & Batin. Have a safe journey back home. Special thanks to Mr. Mohsein for giving me the opportunity to shoot this photo. Remember this tagline guys! Keharmonian Keluarga Cara Malaysia. Bringing Family Together - The Malaysian Way View this Fotopage entry
Ckong Best
Latest entry:Victory By Design
Alfa Romeo is synonymous with ‘cuore sportivo’. Racing has always been part of its DNA, and Alfa Romeo has always raced to win. ** most of the pics were taken from Museo Storico Alfa Romeo in Arese, Italy** View this Fotopage entry
lou parasite
Latest entry:Kerusi Hatiku Menyepi
Mood aku tak datang2 lg.....malas nak upload...menciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..!!! :-( :P View this Fotopage entry
Shaiful Nizam Shaairi
Latest entry:new site
Due to some technical problem, www.melatiputeh.com no longer available and the site have been move to http://www.melatiputeh.com.my . It such an honor if u guys can spend ur time and browse my new artwork there. Dont hesitate to contact me for further info. " I Still Keep Telling The Story ", cheers View this Fotopage entry
gelareh gili
Latest entry:Diesel
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Pls be informed that I no longer maintain this fotoblog. For my latest work, please browse my portfolio at http://www.pesonaimage.com View this Fotopage entry
All the VIP's
nur hayanee
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